Full Lip Colour and Lip Line

Changing the size and shape of your lips, as well as the colour, is easy with cosmetic tattooing.

You can have a soft natural line, giving more definition and fullness, or fill in the whole lips with either a natural looking lip tint, or a more vibrant colour that looks like lipstick.

Symmetry can be restored and shape can be modified and improved.
As we age, our lips lose colour and outline disappears. Lips become thinner and uneven. Cosmetic tattooing of the lip line can reduce the appearance of fine lines around the lips, as the machine has a collagen stimulating effect similar to dermal needling, which will restore fullness and definition to the lips.

This procedure also helps to prevent lipstick from bleeding into the surrounding skin area.

The result will give you a lovely lip shape helping you maintain a beautiful look for longer.

Colour Changes

Occasionally you may wish to change the initial colour you have chosen; colours are adjustable at your return visit. Any additional fee will be discussed prior to your appointment.

Colour Refresh

Over time, colours fade, particularly light colours, and this is the time to refresh your look.

Causes of the fading process are sun, chlorine, salt water, use of some cosmetic creams, use of tanning beds, working under fluro lights, some medications, and not wearing a daily sun block.

Colours will change and need to be adjusted for a more flattering result every 2-3 years.

Pre and Post Care

If you are a cold sore suffer it is advisable for you to consider taking Valtrex (3 tablets, prescription only).

Post treatment, use cold packs to reduce any swelling. An antibiotic cream will be given to you for protection from infection for the first 2 days.

No makeup or cleansers are to be used on the treated area for two weeks.

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