Eyebrows frame the face

Permanent eyebrows can give you the shape you have always dreamt of, from light touch ups on the ends to full glamour brows. Never will you worry about swimming, playing sport, or perspiring.

No more will the embarrassment of having no eyebrows in public be a problem.

You will look your best at all times, save money on brow products and have the perfect brows every day.

What to Expect

Sonia will consult with you about shape and colour. This is the most important part of your procedure. Colour used will be the closest to match you own colouring, and they are easily adjustable.

Prior to any work you will be numbed for comfort. The procedure is 100% sterile and a new needle is used in each and every treatment for every client. Eyebrows will shade back in colour approx. 35% in around a month after the initial treatment.

Wake Up Beautiful Everyday!

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