Cosmetic Tattooing

“Wake up beautiful” with permanent makeup.

Sonia Martin has 25 years’ experience in cosmetic tattooing and has advanced training in health and safety procedures, as required by government regulations. Her advanced training was with Val Glover Hovan in Sydney, one of Australia’s most renowned and respected artists and teacher.

Sonia is well recognised in the industry with an ongoing commitment to keeping industry standards High. Sonia is fully licensed by Council to work at The Lotus Institute Southport.

Permanent Make-up/Cosmetic, Tattooing/Micro-Pigmentation, is a professional practice of implanting colours into the dermis of the skin, for cosmetic purposes, instantly improving the clients appearance and having a long lasting effect.

Many cultures have over the centuries adopted the art form of marking not only for religious or traditional purposes but for Beauty and Prestige and today’s modern woman uses this ancient art form for the convenience of maintaining that Perfect, Beautiful and Natural look – All Day – Every Day – 24 HOURS A DAY!

Facial Cosmetic Tattooing Procedures (Permanent Make-up) includes permanent Eyeliner, Eyebrows, Lip-Liner and Full Lip shading and provides an alternative to the traditional consuming daily grind of make-up application.



  • Sonia has done my Eyeliner and Lip Liner as well as a full Lip Colour, such an artist as she knows how to shape your features to their best potential. I would never trust anyone else with my Face.

    Natasha Martin
  • Sonia has an expert eye and a steady hand which results in a perfect natural look complimenting the area she's tattooing beautifully. She also has a gentle touch and refreshing honest, kind client service. I cannot recommend Sonia highly enough.

    Katerine Barrett
  • I had my Eyeliner done over ten years ago, Sonia has applied my permanent Eyeliner twice and I wouldn't go anywhere else. She is professional and mature and has many years of experience, in the cosmetic tattooing industry.

    Lara Frawley
  • I have had a professional relationship with Sonia Martin for the past 10 years. I have always found her to be the ultimate professional. She has had a great eye for detail. I love my brows thank you Sonia.

    V James Lotus Institute
  • I had my eyebrows done with Sonia six years ago and they still look fabulous today. I have very fair features so my eyebrows help to frame my face and accentuate my eyes beautifully

    Zalaika Mawji Southport
  • Sonia did my Eyebrows, Eyeliner and Full Lip Colour.  She does fantastic work and is undoubtedly the best on the Coast.....her high standards of Care, Patience and Professionalism ensures that her customers remain loyal to her and keep coming back. I have no hesitation in referring my customers to Sonia.

    Jenny Johansson Beauty Therapist/Wedding Makeup Artist
  • As a Professional Beauty Therapist, I saw first hand the expert work by Sonia on a few of her clients that I worked on. They all raved about her work so I subsequently decided to get my Lipliner done.  I now recommend Sonia on a regular basis and always get positive feedback. I have seen a lot of other work from other Cosmetic Tattoo artists and I must say that Sonia consistently produces the best results and I would highly recommend her for her outstanding work.

    Susie Cook Beauty Therapist, Monterey Keys
  • I just wanted to let you know that you have done a wonderful job tattooing my brows. I never had much hair growth, particularly at the end of the brows whilst it did worry me, I was concerned about having them tattooed as I thought they may not look natural. They look fantastic and friends have also commented on how natural they look.

    Laura Maher Lotus Institute
  • Two years ago I had my Eyebrows tattooed by another cosmetic tattoo artist and I was very disappointed with the result.  I heard about Sonia and her excellent work so decided to consult her to see if she could correct the mistakes made to my face.   I am thrilled with her work as she reshaped my cosmetic tattooing beautifully.

    Margaret Williams Main Beach, Gold Coast, Qld
  • As an owner of three beauty salons on the Gold Coast, I always recommend Sonia to any client wishing to have Permanent Make-Up as I know her work is excellent.    She has also done my lipliner and eyeliner, both of which I am extremely happy with.

    Hanna Wilson Owner of Boldly Beautiful Salons, Gold Coast, Qld
  • Lovely lady and takes her time to make her work perfect.

    Jenny Hyde
  • Sonia is a lovely lady, very professional, and many years of experience in her art.

    Trish Bethune

Wake Up Beautiful Everyday!

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